Orthodox Church Supplies
Orthodox Church Supplies
The company “Christos Gianniotis & Co” was established in 1981 for the production of ecclesiastical accessories and furnishings for the supply of Churches, Monasteries etc.

Its founders have been active in this field since 1964, when the term “manufactured product” was unheard of in the world of producing religious artefacts. Back in those days every single item came from the hands of specialist craftsmen in metalwork and etching, design, iconography and woodcarving, and their divine inspiration infused them with the perfume of incense and prayer.

Nowadays we find ourselves at the Thermopylae of Orthodoxy, fighting to keep both the letter and the spirit of the works of our illustrious predecessors, always with regard to the creative element that is our calling. We do this by adhering to hand-production based on our common tradition, which in turn is the foundation of all our work. Our supporters and sponsors number among them the brightest beacons of our religion and our society. This is not only an honour, but also a constant reminder of our responsibilities that keeps us alert and determined in reaching our goals. Our works adorn Orthodox Churches and Cathedrals throughout the world, and we are tireless in our efforts towards further improvements.

On this site you have the opportunity to see some of our works, created for our Exhibition, or made to order for our Customers.
                                                          Humbly and prayerfully
                                                             Christos Gianniotis